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At WE LOVE THE KIDS we recognize some student’s self-confidence in the classroom comes naturally. They tackle new materials head on and know how to get their points across. For our less-confident students, the day-to-day requirements of school can cause anxiety and frustration. They may question their abilities and struggle with the stress of balancing it all.

If students are suffering from low self-esteem, it can impact everything in their lives, from socializing with others to dealing with academic challenges. It can decrease their desire to learn in the short term as well as throughout their entire lives. However, positive self-esteem can have quite the opposite effect. This is why the staff at We Love The Kids recognizes it is important to know how to help a student with low self-esteem develop into a more confident individual.

Self-esteem and student achievement are directly related. Research has shown that there is an appreciable positive relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement. Low self-esteem can present itself in a variety of ways, including a noticeable social withdrawal from others, self-criticism, signs of regression, or quitting easily.

Years of low self-esteem can affect the developmental growth in young kids and attribute to struggles later in life. Some ways that low self-esteem could show up in a young person’s life:

  • More likely to turn to drugs and alcohol
  • Lack of motivation throughout life
  • Trouble establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Anxiety and depression may follow them through the years
  • Failure to pursue goals and settling for less than the best

At We Love The Kids our goal is to interrupt negative patterns and to promote and encourage the gifts and talents of each of our students.

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